Thursday, March 10, 2016

Downtown McKeesport Mansion For Sale

For Sale in downtown #McKeesport. 559 Shaw Ave. Grand, historic turn of the century house, zoned commercial. Solid bones. Needs complete restoration. Call 412-401-3585. Most woodwork is intact. Owner is asking $8,700. I hope someone who loves old houses will buy it.


  1. The roof looks new and it?

  2. Ryan in SeattleApril 12, 2016

    Beautiful double chimneys, and that dentil brickwork! Here's hoping it doesn't turn to rubble.

  3. This was the location for Carter-DiNino photography studio - I'd say in the 60s/70s. The photographer was a very nice man, Percy Garland. My parents had my birthday photos taken there when I was little and I remember going there for special occasion photos like First Communion. Mr. Garland was always so pleasant. The Garland family was very successful - summary in this book about McKeesport
    And info on Mrs. Garland -
    Their only daughter Phyllis was very accomplished as well -