Thursday, March 10, 2016

Downtown McKeesport Mansion For Sale

For Sale in downtown #McKeesport. 559 Shaw Ave. Grand, historic turn of the century house, zoned commercial. Solid bones. Needs complete restoration. Call 412-401-3585. Most woodwork is intact. Owner is asking $8,700. I hope someone who loves old houses will buy it.

McKeesport Vernacular

"A district of wooden two-story, two and three bay gable workers' homes east of Walnut St. on Penny Ave., Ninth Ave., Jenny Lind Ave., Olive St. and Grant St. in the Second Ward is worthy of note. These simple, rapidly deteriorating structures deserve attention as a group; their number and age (c. 1880) make them valuable." -- PHLF McKeesport Historic Building Survey (1981).

Photographed 30 years later, in 2011. Today, those that still stand are often in a state of complete abandonment and decay.