Monday, October 14, 2013

Old Stone House in Beltzhoover

This is located at the intersection of Climax and Curtin Avenue in Beltzhoover (City of Pittsburgh).

According to a friend who researched the home, it may be the Melchor Beltzhoover house, circa 18th century.

Photographs taken by Jonathon Denson in October, 2013.


  1. Unfortunately, since the windows have been replaced with vinyl garbage, that makes it harder to date the house from the exterior. Assuming that interior has been substantially remodeled, accurately dating the house from the physical evidence will require some considerable poking around at the construction details (framing, etc.). That is why people should not replace windows, doors, trim, or any other historic fabric with new, inferior products.

  2. The original windows probably were thin wavy glass that was terrible for letting out heat, although I agree the vinyl is not in keeping with the rest of the style. To me that stone with brick looks like a turn of the century 18th century house with an early 19th century addition.

    1. I would completely disagree. The stone section does not date to the early 18th Century; this part of Pennsylvania was not settled by stone house building white men in the early 1700s. The front addition likely dates to the 1890s-1910s. Anything earlier would have had quite different massing and architectural features. As for the windows, properly maintained historic windows do not have an appreciably different insulating value compared to modern windows. People get lazy (and/or are ignorant) and do not reglaze, repaint, and repair their windows every few years as needed, so the window deteriorates, allowing drafts, moisture, etc. Nearly all heat loss in a building is through the roof (since heat rises and does not travel side to side as easily). Plus, the original windows would have had fairly thick glass panes, as modern plate glass had not been invented in the 1700s.