Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lebanon, PA

Lebanon is the county seat of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. The city is dense, urban, and historic, located approximately 25 miles from two other historic Pennsylvania cities, Harrisburg and Reading.  The population of Lebanon is about 25,000 people, not far off from its 1960 population peak of 30,000, and it's growing. 

This was by far one of the most well-preserved American cities I have ever visited. The business district and Victorian era residential districts seemed wonderfully intact and most appeared to be well-maintained, as far as these old towns go. The contrast between some of the eastern and western PA cities is rather startling. Decay, abandonment, and urban prairie do not seem to be as commonplace, outside of western PA. Based on the negative things I had heard about the town, I was not prepared for the strikingly beautiful, well-kept, and friendly village I discovered. 

The downtown was full of cute boutique businesses, from coffee shops and ice cream shops to clothing stores.


  1. I have lived in Lebanon, PA. for 68 years, and didn't recognize all photo locations, very great presentation, Jay Keller

  2. Lebanon is my hometown and will always be beautiful!