Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oldest House in Sheraden

The William Sheraden Homestead, circa 1857, is the oldest (and first house built) in Sheraden. It is located at 1803 Bergman Street. As you can see, it has been beautifully preserved.

Information courtesy of Reimagining Sheraden.

First house built in Sheraden.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

1810 Walz Street: Before & After

1810 Walz Street, a historic apartment building in Spring Hill, was on the market a couple years ago. It needed complete renovation. Although preservationists will object to the vinyl siding and steel entry doors in place of the original clapboard siding and five panel wood doors, I am still happy to report that this building was given a new life. At least they kept the transoms, fire escape, and some of the decorative trim. What do you think?

City of Pittsburgh Demolition List - June, 2013

The following are City of Pittsburgh demolition postings, as of June, 2013.  I photographed some of the buildings on the demolition list, as you can see below. Following the pictures is the complete list.

While I was exploring Woods Run and taking some of these photographs, I chatted with an older man who lives in the neighborhood. He knew the history of every house on his part of the street, and listed off every one of them, who owned it, and what happened to it. Basically, they're all vacant, deteriorating, and left for dead by their owners who have washed their hands of the properties or died. It was very sad. I heard the same stories when I talked to people in Spring Garden. It seems to be going on all over the city, in the older, dis-invested neighborhoods. Owners die, properties get tied up in legal problems, or the people who inherit the properties wash their hands of them and let them sit too long. Taxes go unpaid, and finally the city comes in and demolishes these old houses. It breaks my heart, because some of the houses are architectural jewels, have survived since the 19th century, and are now treated like garbage.

Most of the houses on this demolition list probably suffered a similar fate.

927 Langtry (Woods Run)

927 Langtry (Woods Run)

927 Langtry (Woods Run)

927 Langtry (Woods Run)

Woods Run Avenue - not on the demolition list yet, but neighbor says they will be soon. Both are abandoned.

1632 Walz Street (Spring Hill)

1632 Walz Street (Spring Hill)

1616 Walz Street (Spring Hill).  On the 1872 GM Hopkins map.

1616 Walz Street (Spring Hill). On the 1872 GM Hopkins map.

9 Radner Street (Spring Hill)

1405 Buena Vista (Mexican War Streets area)

1440 Hamlin (Manchester Historic District)

Dinwiddie Street (Hill District) - boarded up (not on demolition list yet)

Lovelace Street (West End)

701 Weston Way (West End)

701 Weston Way (West End)

West End - abandoned (not on demolition list yet)

West End - abandoned

47 McKnight Street (West End)

Ward/Tract and Address

 18/03   302 Allen Street
 27/15   2 Boston Street
 13/06   8212 Bricelyn Street
 25/03   1405 Buena Vista Street
 26/14   216 W. Burgess Street
 20/22   3023 Chartiers Avenue
 18/07   32 Climax Street
 12/08   114 Continental Street
 15/15   72-74 Cust Street
 24/06   1416 Dehaven Street
 03/05   329 Dinwiddie Street
 26/15   4 Ellzey Street
 01/03   1723 Forbes Avenue
 18/03   842 Freeland Street
 18/03   863 Freeland Street
 25/03   14 Geranium Street
 26/15   2716 Goshen Street
 12/07   6725 Hamilton Avenue
 21/07   1440 Hamlin Street
 05/01   645 Hollace Street
 20/22   3220 Huxley Street
 18/03   737-739 Industry Street
 12/07   6920 Kelly Street
 12/07   6922 Kelly Street
 10/17   5327 Kincaid Street
 27/15   927 Langtry Street (F & R)
 27/15   177 Lecky Street
 20/20   509 Lovelace Street
 18/03   970 Manton Way
 18/03   974 Manton Way
 20/19   47 McKnight Street
 26/02   3907 Menlo Street
 26/02   3911 Menlo Street
 10/17   306 N. Millvale Street
 09/01   1509 Nobles Lane
 12/08   420 Paulson Avenue
 12/08   422 Paulson Avenue
 12/03   1309 Paulson Avenue
 24/06   9 Radner Street
 19/16   1549 Rutherford Avenue
 20/16   1232 Shadycrest Drive
 24/06   1329 Truax Way
 24/06   1616 Walz Street
 24/06   1632 Walz Street
 03/05   1818 Webster Avenue
 20/20   701 Weston Way
 05/01   2442 Wylie Avenue
 05/01   2444 Wylie Avenue
 05/01   2610 Wylie Avenue
 20/20   1016 Wymore Street

Sunday, June 23, 2013

RIP: 841 Suismon Street

Many readers of my blog are familiar with this small Victorian home at 841 Suismon Street, in Pittsburgh's Deutschtown neighborhood. I have documentated the deteriorating conditions of this vacant and neglected property since 2010. Sadly, like many other historically significant but neglected properties in the Pittsburgh region, it was recently demolished.

Illustration of 841 Suismon Street by blog reader Michael Lasky,