Thursday, February 28, 2013

McKees Rocks and Stowe Township

This is a series of photographs documenting the historic architecture of McKees Rocks and Stowe Township.  McKees Rocks is a historic railroad town about three miles west of downtown Pittsburgh. While the town was settled as early as the 18th century, its greatest period of prosperity came with the opening of the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad in McKees Rocks in the 1880s. Many immigrants came to McKees Rocks during this time and worked in the various industries, including the Pressed Steel car plant.  Around the turn of the 20th century, the urban suburbs in Stowe Township sprang up and provided housing for workers, families, and gentry of the overcrowded and polluted industrial town.  

McKees Rocks and Stowe (Photo Collection Part I)
General photographic overview of McKees Rocks and Stowe, including photos of Island Avenue, historic industrial warehouses, West Park, and the Presston footbridge. 

McKees Rocks and Stowe (Photo Collection Part II)
Second part of a general photographic overview of McKees Rocks, including the P&LE Railroad, St. Mary's Cemetery, the Catherine Baker Knoll House, ethnic churches, and "The Bottoms" neighborhood.

The Bottoms: Surviving Historic Row Homes

Photographs documenting surviving workers' homes in "The Bottoms" neighborhood.


The circa 1899 company town in Stowe Township.

West Park Business District

An early 20th century streetcar suburb in Stowe Township.

Views from the McKees Rocks Bridge

Oldest Buildings in McKees Rocks

Photographs documenting houses which may be among the oldest surviving structures in McKees Rocks.

Nelly Yost Murder House

The house where a famous McKees Rocks murder occurred. 

Olive Thomas in McKees Rocks

The homes where the silent film actress once lived. 

Saint Francis de Sales
Historic Irish Catholic Church. Built in 1899, closed in 1993. Currently vacant and deteriorating.

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  1. Fantastic photos, you have a wonderful talent and a great eye - I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your photos and seeing my hometown in a whole new light,