Saturday, November 10, 2012

ENDANGERED: 1214 Voskamp Street (Spring Garden)

1214 Voskamp Street is an ornate Victorian in Pittsburgh's Spring Garden neighborhood.  Like many of the beautiful old homes in the neighborhood, it is vacant, and the owner refuses to make repairs or sell the building.  I talked to the neighbor who has been in contact with the owner.  According to the neighbor, the owner has received multiple offers for the building, but refuses to sell.  The owner apparently also refuses to maintain the building -- it is in desperate need of a new roof.  This building is not an exception.  There are many homes like this throughout the city of Pittsburgh, and especially in Spring Garden. They will be torn down in a matter of time, due to negligent owners and no plan of action from the city.  Property negligence and demolitions are gutting our historic neighborhoods. If you own a vacant property and refuse or cannot afford to maintain it, then it is your obligation to sell it to someone who will.

1214 Voskamp Street, Pittsburgh.  Negligent property owner refuses to maintain or sell to someone who will, according to neighbor. This is a problem throughout the city, and especially Spring Garden.


  1. Great picks. Cool blog. Tweeted this site.

  2. Potentially ignorant questions, but I'm genuinely not sure: what motivates people to do cling to properties they neither inhabit nor renovate? Are they family heirlooms? Do the owners think they can get more money down the road?

    Also, why will they be torn down if they're owned by someone? Will they eventually reach such a state of disrepair that they cannot be saved? I suppose there is no protective services for houses or apartments . . .

  3. Thanks for bringing attention to this building on my street. Way too many buildings have been torn down in the last few years in our neighborhood. It baffles me to as why the owner would not sell this property. It can clearly be saved and fixed up. It will take effort, but it will be a beautiful place when it is done.

  4. I fell on this blog, then this picture researching my family history. It appears my great great grandfather, Joseph Mares owned or lived in this home w/my ancestors. He died in 1941. This home is listed on the cenus papers I have of him from 1920, 1930 and 1940. I know nothing of the residents there after. I am currently living in Alabama and was just up there for a reunion. If anyone has any info or more pictures of this home please email me at and put MARES in the subject. Thank you.