Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reading, PA

Reading is the fifth largest city in Pennsylvania, with a population of about 88,000 people (behind Philly, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Erie).  It's allegedly the poorest city in America, but it certainly doesn't look like it.  I have been to Youngstown, Flint, East St. Louis, Camden, and Detroit.  Reading certainly doesn't resemble those places. The historic building stock is intact, and much of it beautifully preserved.  Overall, Reading is a pretty city, and has many architectural jewels. The only thing Reading lacks is the vibrancy and young professional scene that can be found in other urban places.


  1. Great shots! I will definitely be sharing these!

  2. Reading looks quite lovely in these photos. I live in a community adjacent to the city and while I will drive through the city, my husband avoids it all costs :(