Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waynesburg, PA

Waynesburg is located in the rural southwest corner of Pennsylvania, about one hour from Pittsburgh. It is a pleasant small town and is home to Waynesburg University.  The built environment resembles some of the small towns in central and eastern Pennsylvania.  There is a good collection of mid 19th century architecture here. 

I've been accused of only photographing historic structures. Here is some modern architecture for you.


  1. To whoever you are, I most sincerely thank you for very wonderful 'romp' through Waynesburg, Penna. I grew up in quaint and interesting place. I haven't been able to get there for an very long. It brought so many different memories of that time and the different neighborhoods. Some places I remember with fond memories and others I honestly forgotten about. It has changed so much over the years, but on the other hand it is unbelievably the same. Some have changed so much I am not sure what they are being used for now or what they were used for when they were first built. I wish you had included an small summary saying the location of these different buildings and what they were and are now. I knew Waynesburg was/is an historical area but when you live in an place like this you tend to take things for granted. Only after you leave do you realize the significance of the town and area surrounding it. Again I deeply and with heartfelt gratitude appreciate you posting this 'blog.' :) Linda D. Lemley Pelles

  2. I agree so much with you Ms. Pelles. I left there in 1983 and have pretty much repeated your situation as in haven't returned very often and lost memories. I grew up in the rural areas of Greene County and during my last visit in 2012 discovered that the farms , most of the farmhouses and barns are just a heap of wood now. It was so devastating to see the state of things. That said, it was a lush green that fed my soul, so to speak. I agree with you that an address would be good. I have some pictures too that I need to post somewhere. Perhaps I will. Take Care. Alberta