Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mon Valley Photo Tour, Part III: Monongahela, PA

The third and final installment of the Mon Valley Photo Tour takes us to Monongahela, Pennsylvania. I have saved the best for last. This is a small town along the Monongahela River. Compared to other towns in this mostly depressed area of the country, south of Pittsburgh, Monongahela is relatively vibrant. Its downtown features many operating businesses, such as coffee shops, cafes, and several antique stores. The streets are also lively during business hours, and young professionals can be seen walking around. There is a lovely downtown park, and streets are lined with gorgeous Victorian era homes, many of which have been restored to their former splendor. Monongahela is a delightful surprise.

"Here thousands of pioneers began the river journey to the West." This is a fascinating and romantic history that is fun to think about while sitting on one of the many benches facing the river and admiring the rural beauty of the land.
"Monongahela Area Historical Society"
A park in downtown Monongahela.
Built circa 1860s.
Post Office.
Built during the Civil War.


  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of the area where I grew up! I am proud that (at least comparatively) Mon City has a thriving business district, despite big box ubiquity. I know my parents (who still reside in the area) patronize the area's smaller businesses whenever possible.

  2. Val DominickMarch 25, 2017

    I visited Mon City for the Sister City celebration a few years ago. I traveled thru Hazelwood, Homestead, Duquesne and up Rt. 837, nothing but urban blight thru the area. Upon arriving at Mon City I was so proud to show my family the beautiful city I grew up in. I even visited the house that was home to me in 1935 thru 1940's. Mon City is great!

  3. One thing failed to mention is the Aquatorium, which hosts live bands, some national, some local, On Saturday evenings. Many boats moore on the river and such local bands as the Clarks and Joe Grushecky play here annually. A fine fireworks display to celebrate the July 4th holiday is always a treat as well. There is a vibrance going on there, and many ethnic festivals as well. Some really interesting things going on in this little corner of the Mon valley

  4. Beautiful pictures....Nice job

  5. Beautiful pictures.....Nice job!

  6. I am not always able to fly home but these photos put me there. Thank you..

  7. AnonymousMay 06, 2018

    Thank you SO MUCH! This was wonderful seeing all these pictures. A trip home without the 10 hour drive!