Friday, April 27, 2012

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh contains a gorgeous collection of historic buildings, representing a wide variety of architectural styles and eras, from the Burke Building of 1836 to the Victorian high-rises of the late 19th century. Apologies if one of your favorite landmarks was missed, such as the Morgue, the Union Arcade, or the Buhl Building (all wonderful buildings). The section of downtown known as the Wharf Historic District is covered in a separate photo tour. Penn Avenue and "Chinatown" will be covered separately.

Arrott Building, circa 1901
Wood Street
Look at the very old glass window panes, circa mid-19th century.
Very old wooden facade
Fifth Avenue
Market Square
Burke Building, Circa 1836
View down Fourth Avenue, once considered the "Wall Street" of Pittsburgh.
Dollar Bank on Fourth Avenue, built 1870.

Smithfield Street

The building in the forefront is the Law and Finance Building. To the left is the Lawyers Building, which is the former "Pittsburgher Hotel" of 1928.
Law and Finance Building
City Hall
The Grant Building
Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail, circa 1888.
Macy's Clock
William Penn Hotel, circa 1916.
Midtown Towers apartments
Penn-Liberty Historic District
Granite Building, circa 1889.
Penn-Liberty Historic District
Commonwealth Building (background) and Triangle Building (front)
Built 1881
Charming row houses, circa 1850, along Strawberry Way.
Gulf Tower, circa 1932.
Koppers Building
Post Office, circa 1934
Post Office