Friday, February 24, 2012

Kittanning Photo Tour

Kittanning is the county seat and largest city of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. It is located along the Allegheny River, approximately 44 miles from Pittsburgh.  Originally a Native American settlement, the Battle of Kittanning was fought here during the French and Indian war, in 1756.  The population of Kittanning peaked in 1930, at 7,808 residents.  Kittanning has the character of a small town. It offers a nice business district and a solid collection of Antebellum and Victorian architecture.  An 1854 map shows the village densely built up with homes, public buildings, and churches.  Some of these buildings are still standing, and I have tried to photograph as many as possible. 


  1. Jonathon, these are great photos! Thanks for posting them.


  2. Great pics! I'm from Freeport and I have family from Kittanning so I know where alot of these places are. I'm suprised though that you didn't get a pic of the Greenbaum mansion on Water Street. That's a fabulous mansion that's currently for sale I believe!