Monday, February 6, 2012

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (Photo Tour)

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania was named after Queen Alliquippa, the leader of the Seneca tribe of Native Americans in the 18th century.  The Jones and Laughlin Steel Company constructed a mill in Aliquippa in 1905, which brought prosperity to the town in the pre-WWII era.  By the time of the depression, in 1930, the population was 27,000.  The mill closed in the 1980s.  This, along with suburbanization, brought an end to the prosperity of the town.  Today, the population stands at only 9,438.  Most of the buildings downtown are abandoned.   


  1. leta scavinckyFebruary 27, 2012

    Great photos. I LOVE old houses and building. You should check out Homestead by the Carnegie LIbrary. Lots of old mansions. Please go and visit. Keep up the good work

  2. shoulda got some pics around uptown quip around plan 12 and around where the project plan "linmar" is at theres a lot more than just downtown

  3. Having grown up in the bustling, thriving and alive Aliquippa of the Fifties, these pictures brought forth the most intense memories of gladness, and sadness. They remind me of the old Helen Forrest song of the Forties..."Time waits for no one...but goes on endlessly...just like a river...flowing out to the sea."

  4. I grew up in Aliquippa, lived on Plan6 overlooking the mill.Aliquippa was a neat place lots of fond memories!Too bad it has fallen to such a low!

    1. My mom grew up on plan 6 also, on Milton St. She sure did love it there.

  5. I grew up in Hopewell Township on Davidson Heights. I remember how much fun it was to go downtown on the bus to see the Thanksgiving Day Christmas parade and Santa. I was quite young then but the town was great for shopping. Then I remember while in school the terrible race riots. I never thought I would see such division again in my life time. Then the closing of the mill under the watch of President Bill Clinton as he allowed the closing and sale of our steel mill to the Chinese who proceeded to shut it down and take the equipment to China. Now we have race riots again under a Democrat President and our steel mill was shut down under a Democrat President. When will this all stop and who is to blame? Keep voting the idiots in and see how much worse it will get.