Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Preservation Opportunities: Spring Hill

Spring Hill is a historic hill-top neighborhood located on the North Side of the city of Pittsburgh.  While there are some beautiful Victorian homes in this neighborhood, many have seen better days.  Here are a few abandoned buildings in Spring Hill which could be excellent historic preservation opportunities.

UPDATE:  1810 Walz St. has been renovated. Click here to see how it looks today in comparison.

32 Woessner St., Spring Hill (Pittsburgh).  An abandoned, tax delinquent property.  It was purchased by a Las Vegas real estate company in 2007, shortly before the housing crisis.  Exterior is in good condition, but interior needs major work.

Historic church at 1620 Rhine St., Spring Hill (Pittsburgh). Built in 1902 by the German United Evangelical Independent Congregation.  The church was sold off by its few remaining members in 2009, for $35,000.  The roof had a leak at that time, but the interior and structure were very intact.   In only two years since the sale, because the owner has failed to do any kind of maintenance, the water penetration caused the roof to fall in. Many stained glass windows are still intact. 
Click here to see the Spring Hill Church in 2008, before the roof failure.
1620 Rhine St., Spring Hill (Pittsburgh).
Stained glass windows at 1620 Rhine St.

1846 Damas St., Spring Hill.  This abandoned, tax-delinquent property could be a charming home.

1810 Walz St., Spring Hill.  

1810 Walz St., Spring Hill.

1810 Walz St., Spring Hill.  View of rear of property.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uniontown, PA

Here are a few pictures I took during a visit to Uniontown, PA.  Uniontown is a small city located about an hour south of Pittsburgh.  The downtown area has seen substantial revitalization, including restored storefronts, new businesses, and a beautifully renovated historic theater. It is clear that the city leaders of Uniontown are on the right track and have made great strides.  They have increased the attractiveness of the urban core of the city, thereby making the city a more vibrant and appealing place to be.