Monday, October 24, 2011

Abandoned: Jefferson School in Wheeling, WV

Jefferson School, at 1401 McColloch Street, is visible from the highway as you enter the once proud city of Wheeling. It is a haunted relic from the Victorian age, with all the faded grandeur and lost prominence of the city around it. Like Norma Desmond, it does not seem to be aware that it is forgotten. For more information about the disinvested East Wheeling neighborhood, click here.

UPDATE:  The Jefferson School documented in photographs below has been demolished by the City of Wheeling.


  1. Looks like a pretty typical rust-belt scene.

  2. The City of Wheeling, WV is planning on razing this old school and most of East Wheeling (36+) historic homes (many can be saved and restored with federal, state grants, or habitat for humanity) in order to [allegedly] build - for a Wheeling catholic high school - several football practice fields - under the guise of a public park. Go figure...