Friday, September 9, 2011

The "Old Stone Tavern" Photo Tour

Old Stone Tavern, West End, PittsburghThe "Old Stone Tavern" is located in the West End neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It has a "1756" year listed on its cornerstone, which would make it older than the Fort Pitt Blockhouse, and the oldest surviving building in Pittsburgh, if the date is correct. It would also make the tavern the only survivor from French settlement days. The tavern is a very mysterious building and its history is fascinating. It narrowly escaped demolition for a parking lot two years ago, when the city of Pittsburgh Historical Review Commission voted to declare it a historic landmark, thus saving it. However, it currently sits abandoned and neglected.

These photos are courtesy of Jesse Belfast, an architectural historian who was granted access to the interior of the building and took these remarkable pictures.

Music by John Barry, from the "Scarlet Letter" soundtrack.


  1. there was a PG article saying that the bar owner had found a logbook of the Tavern's old records and that some entries were much older than the date on the cornerstone and this, in fact, may be the oldest structure in Pittsburgh. Older than the Blockhouse! It must be saved. I drive past it several days per week and think about it.

    1. Lorraine ForsterApril 20, 2013

      Tara, I would like to read that article. You said Post-Gazette. Would you remember the date or even month of the article?

    2. If you've not found it, here is the link, dated 5/3/2009: It's a good read.