Wednesday, August 31, 2011

West Park (Stowe Township): Broadway Business District

Historic West Park, McKees Rocks & Stowe Township, Business DistrictWest Park is a streetcar suburb built up following the turn of the century, in response to the growing need for more housing in the vicinity of McKees Rocks. West Park possesses an intact circa 1910s-1920s business district and residential section. Many of the streets are paved with the same yellow brick that typifies the construction of housing and commercial buildings in the area. Housing is a mix of detached brick and frame dwellings, and row-houses, most of which have front porches.

I currently live in West Park, having purchased my house there in 2009, and it has been a pleasant neighborhood to call home.
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Typical West Park homes.
Entering the business district..

Originally, the "Parkway Theatre."

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  1. I used to live on Dohrman St. in the yellowbrick apt building. Its a large bldg on the corner of Dohrman. The end back by the city steps. The apt was very clean and the inside was well taken care of. Some apts had solid carved mantle pieces with mirrors and old tiled fireplaces with gorgeous tile. The inside main staircase was solid wood and had a lovely banister/posts. There were 6 apts. The thing that really made me angry was that our landlord wanted to sell off any of the remaining woodwork and such to make money!! <:( I lived there 10 yrs ago so i have no idea what shape the place is in currently. It was a nice area to live in at the time.