Monday, June 20, 2011

Rest in Peace: City of Pittsburgh Demolition List (June, 2011)

Historic Building Demolition List, PittsburghDemolition postings (dated June 2nd) are available on the City of Pittsburgh website, and the writer of this blog has deemed at least nine of the homes cited for demolition to be historically significant (a few of them are beyond repair). These homes are located in Pittsburgh's North Side, in the Spring Garden and Central North Side neighborhoods. The homes on Boyle Street are particularly distressing, as this is a happening, gentrifying neighborhood, where homes just across the street are being restored.

Boyle Street Demolition Update (July 28, 2011)

The June, 2011 City of Pittsburgh demolition list includes the following properties (Rest in Peace):

1425 Spring Garden Ave. (Spring Garden neighborhood)

1114 Voskamp (Spring Garden neighborhood)

1140 Voskamp (Spring Garden neighborhood)

1144 Voskamp (Spring Garden neighborhood)

1148 Voskamp (Spring Garden neighborhood)

1215 Voskamp (Spring Garden neighborhood)

1413 Boyle (Central North Side)

1417 Boyle (Central North Side)

1423 Boyle (Central North Side)

View of unbroken row of houses on Boyle, soon to be filled with gaps:

As always, it is a shame to see the urban fabric and density of our city, as well as its history, compromised by demolitions. I thought that the continued revitalization of the Central North Side would spell the end of historic demolitions in the neighborhood. I'm sorry to be wrong.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2011

    To all who are interested, I received the following email from Jim Lawrence today regarding the Boyle Street properties:

    CNNC is aware of these plans and is working to try to stop these demolitions.

    This is an unhappy problem for which we have yet to find a good solution. However, there is a decent chance we can avoid punching these holes in the streetscape; no guarantees though.

    Where are you located? May I ask, what is your interest? If we can bring these properties to market, instead of demolition, would you be interested to buy one (or more)?


    Jim Lawrence
    CNNC Development Committee