Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Manchester & Allegheny West Historic Districts

Photo Tour: Manchester and Allegheny West Historic Districts, North Side, PittsburghManchester and Allegheny West are located on the North Side of Pittsburgh and are historic districts. The architecture is among the city's most impressive. Victorians and urban row-homes abound, many built prior to 1872, as indicated by old maps. The elegant homes of Manchester and Allegheny West once belonged to Pittsburgh's elite, but the neighborhoods fell on hard times after the turn of the century, when the automobile facilitated the move of the city's wealthy to further-out suburbs. Prior to the turn of the century, many of Pittsburgh's most affluent citizens and wealthy industrialists lived on the North Side (then Allegheny City). This wealth is demonstrated in the remarkable architecture that still exists in the neighborhoods today. In spite of a century's worth of failed urban renewal, a highway that decimated a large section of the neighborhood, white flight, changing fortunes that favored sprawl to suburban areas and the east end, blight, demolition, and crime, Manchester still exists, and much of its historic fabric remains both intact and beautifully restored. Allegheny West has been gentrified.

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