Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bluff & Uptown Photo Tour

Historic Bluff & Uptown Photo Tour, PittsburghThe atmosphere of the Bluff, also known as Uptown, is eerie, gothic, and haunted. I thought it fitting to photograph the neighborhood on a suitably gloomy late fall day. One would assume that the Bluff's prime location on a main corridor between Downtown and Oakland would have ensured its gentrification long ago. This has not been the case, for reasons that are mystifying at best. The Bluff has seen it all -- failed urban renewal, mass bulldozing, blight, crime, suburban flight -- but it's still here (for the time being). The neighborhood hangs in a delicate balance. It is whispered that many of these historic buildings will not survive to see the neighborhood's next chapter. One needs only to examine the fragile and deteriorating condition of most of the (breathtaking) Victorian architecture to understand that it is not appreciated by the waves of modernism. To those who cite Pittsburgh as an example of urban progress in the rust belt, the Bluff is a step back down to earth. There is endless work to be done, especially for preservationists.

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  1. At least there is some progress with the old high school being turned into lofts. Affordable student housing could be down with a LOT of these.