Thursday, October 28, 2010

West End Photo Tour

Historic West End Photo Tour, PittsburghThe West End is located less than a mile west of downtown Pittsburgh, yet it possesses a feeling of rural isolation, possibly because it is surrounded on all sides by hills which obscure the neighborhood from the city around it. It is perhaps the most small town and country-like of all Pittsburgh city neighborhoods, with a quaint main street, and a quiet atmosphere. Perhaps that is also why it is one of the most overlooked Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The West End was originally the town of Temperanceville, founded in 1837, and annexed by the city of Pittsburgh in 1872. Some of the city's oldest housing stock can be found here. "The Old Stone Tavern," built in 1756, is believed to be the second oldest building in Pittsburgh after the Fort Pitt Blockhouse.

Additional photographs taken in March, 2013:

Steuben Street

Additional photographs taken June 29, 2013:

Old Stone Tavern, circa 18th century (oldest home in Pittsburgh).

Lovelace Street (on demolition list as of June 20, 2013)

701 Weston Way (on demolition list as of June 20, 2013)

701 Weston Way (on demolition list, as of June 20, 2013)

47 McKnight Street (on demolition list, as of June 20, 2013)


  1. 3rd pic from the bottom is a beautiful house! I was intrigued and wondering where in the west end it was located, I am familiar with the area and have never seen this particular house.

    1. The house is on Neidel Street that runs parallel to Steuben Street in Elliott. Neidel is a short street and the section where the house is behind Steuben Street on your left as you come up Steuben Street from the West End between Amherst Street on your right and Elbon on your left and the fire house at the traffic light and Lorenz Ave.