Saturday, October 23, 2010

East Deutschtown

Photo Tour: Historic East Deutschtown (North Side), PittsburghDeutschtown is a neighborhood on the North Side of Pittsburgh, located just across the river from the Strip District and downtown. It is one of the closest neighborhoods in proximity to downtown Pittsburgh. Deutschtown was built up largely in the 1850s and thus has some of the oldest surviving housing stock in the city, thus it is a very historic and special place worth preserving. Deutschtown was separated into two sections (west and east), and over 400 historic buildings destroyed, when it was divided by a highway decades ago. While West Deutschtown (west of the highway), parts of which are a city historic district, is rapidly gentrifying, and is becoming something of a hotspot for yuppies and renovations of its historic housing stock, East Deutschtown appears to be on the verge of collapse. While enough structures remain that East Deutschtown has the potential to be a viable neighborhood, it is perhaps unlikely that these homes will find enough preservation-minded owners to save the neighborhood. At the rate of demolition the neighborhood is currently experiencing, East Deutschtown may no longer exist, at least as an intact neighborhood, in ten or twenty years. Urban prairie is already rapidly eroding the neighborhood's 1850s cohesiveness.

Most of the following buildings were built prior to 1872, as indicated by a historic map I found of the neighborhood which shows it was very densely packed with houses.


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    I am so happy to see someone appreciates the old Allegheny Social hall as I do. I love your site and am learning so much from it, thank you!

  2. Ryan in SeattleApril 12, 2016

    Fantastic survey of the area. The picture of the row house with the two exposed fireplaces on the exterior is fascinating and tragic. If I move to Pittsburgh in two years as planned, I'll be looking for an old house to save!