Saturday, October 23, 2010

Downtown Pittsburgh: Wharf Historic District

Photo Tour: Wharf Historic District, Downtown PittsburghHere is the Wharf Historic District, a part of downtown located near the Monongahela River. Some of the buildings in these photographs are among the city's oldest surviving structures. I took special care to photograph early residential structures and low-level buildings, as these are generally the oldest. Some may have survived the great fire of 1845. I find Pittsburgh's early colonial history fascinating, and it is fun to wonder just how old some of the surviving buildings are!

These photographs were taken in October, 2009.


  1. This is a great selection; thanks! I have also enjoyed your contributions to

  2. I have often wondered about that law office on Smithfield. I havent found anything on it. It does look old, (except for that newer front)