Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo Tours

The following are my photographic tours of various historic towns, neighborhoods, buildings, and places. Some are within Pittsburgh city limits, while others lie within the greater Pennsylvania or rust-belt region. My travels always take me to new cities, and I will be sharing my photographs here. I have tried to focus on neighborhoods and places which are under-appreciated and neglected, as well as those which have ample historic character and charm. Included with my photographs are writings intended to convey the identity and conditions of places and, to the limit of my understanding, the role each plays in the city or region as a whole. Neighborhoods and towns can range from prosperous to seemingly impoverished, but each has a place in history and, hopefully, for the urban pioneer with a vision. Finally, the Pittsburgh region has many unique things worthy of being photographed. Not all of them can be documented here.

All photography by Jonathon Denson, unless otherwise noted.

City Center:
North Side (City):
West End (City):
Mon Valley:
Ohio River Valley:
Allegheny River Valley:
Wheeling, West Virginia:

Other in Pennsylvania:

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  1. Have you ever thought about having a photo walk? It would be nice to meet with others who would like to take photos of these places, in a group. I left McK. for LA, in 6/62 when McK. was a better place and it would be interesting to visit now.