Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shaw Avenue - McKeesport


Here is a rare opportunity to own and restore one of the last great Victorians on McKeesport's "Millionaire's Row" - 610 Shaw Avenue. It is an intact and complete Gilded Age beauty, in need of restoration. I can put you in contact with the owner if you are serious about preserving the house. I am not a real estate agent - I am doing this merely to save the house.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On Urban Blight Removal VS. Renovation & Re-use

Too often, historic preservation and building re-use and renovation is not part of the discussion when cities address the issues of "blight" and abandonment. Progressive cities and urbanists know that demolition alone causes vacant lots in urban neighborhoods, which itself is a blight, and a loss to the cohesive fabric of a community. Here is a balanced article which discusses the ever important issue of saving what can be saved. Because once it's gone..

Blight in Toledo

On the Disposable Culture..

A vacant house in Brownsville, circa 2011 (now demolished).
When buildings are deemed disposable, like so much of what we have today, they are not regarded for their historical interest or architectural value. We are living in a culture where things are created to be meaningless and valueless, aside from their intended use. It is hard to imagine a time when things were made to be beautiful, when things were meant to endure and be maintained rather than being disposed of when repairs were called for. When buildings are demolished, the message is that these places are not worth repairing, and that the town itself, and the history of it, is just as disposable as that one building.